Soap making training

The participants were taken through the making of laundry and toilet bar and liquid soaps.

A one-week intensive training in soap making was organised for 50 participants drawn from four communities. It was aimed at equipping them to produce soap to earn a decent living.

This training was aimed at assisting people to acquire skills to own their businesses to better their lives, as well as contribute to the development of the country.


The classes were conducted with the challenges. The biggest hindrance was the lack of proper equipments. The women didn’t have proper thermometer that can measure the temperature up to 100 degree Celsius. Also, they did not have a scale. They did not have electric mixture, so it took hour to mix the texture which made it difficult to maintain the proper temperature .As well as there was lack of measuring scale.


The problem of not having proper thermometer was solved by taking the temperature with finger (with rubber gloves). The lack of scale was solved by borrowing scale in local shops. There was no mixture so, the mixing process was carried out by hands. The soap got solid within 3 days.


The women were keen to learn about the soap making process as it is the basic requirement. So, the presence of women in attending classes were over whelming. They dynamically participated on the soap making.

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