Shiitake mushroom farming training

WEAN conducted two days Mushroom Farming Training to the women in different parts of rural Nepal to boost their income generating capabilities.

The objective of the training was to provide the income generating skill to the beneficiaries. The former mushroom farming trainee facilitated the training camp for two days. Here at WEAN we hope to make our beneficiaries self-sustainable. For this, mushroom farming is one of the best cash crops. So, we organized the training to the women of the local community. Similarly, we selected our beneficiaries who are doing the best in the mushroom farming as the resource person to motivate and encourage the trainee.


In Nepal, mushroom cultivation began in 1976. Nowadays it is a fast growing business due to its high profit. Farmers can get output within one month from ‘pleurotus’ cultivation. Nepal is also a country where mushroom can be cultivated throughout the year under natural environmental conditions.

We have plenty of raw material for mushroom cultivation. Skilled farmers can earn a lot of money from its cultivation. It is also necessary to develop cultivation technology of this valuable mushroom. Some of the wild mushrooms are poisonous but cultivated mushrooms are safe for consumption. They have high medicinal and nutritional value. Growing them can help solve the malnutrition problem in our country. So from every point of view farmers should be encouraged to cultivate mushrooms.



The programme started with a short video related with mushroom farming. After watching the video participants washed straw and left for overnight under the guidance of three trainers. On the next day, they boiled straw and filled seeds in the plastic bag. They were excited to learn mushroom farming.

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