About us

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal (WEAN) was established in 1987 as an autonomous, voluntary and non-profit organization by a group of prominent Nepalese Women Entrepreneurs who shared a common vision of supporting other women to set up new business enterprises and grow in their established businesses.

In the context, WEAN intends to increase women’s participation in economic enterprises through its various activities of integrated programs of Training, Research & development, Networking.


  • Achieve active participation of women in nation building through Entrepreneurship development activities such as Training, Networking, Research & Development.


  • Economic empowerment of women through entrepreneurship development.


  • Increase economic opportunities and create awareness among women entrepreneurs.
  • Enhance business skills of potential and existing women entrepreneurs.
  • Develop and upgrade skills of women entrepreneurs according to market needs.
  • Advocate the roles & rights of women entrepreneurs in the nation building.




We help women with limited opportunities to become better entrepreneurs by empowering them. We provide training that will allow them to start their own business with the resources available to them. The overall goal of WEAN is to provide the women guidance so that they have financial freedom, which will improve their lifestyle & empower them.

WEAN is a non-profit organization that is established to help women in rural Nepal, who have limited opportunities to become entrepreneurs get ready to face the challenges of the society. We organize activities and training to achieve this. This requires alot of human as well as financial resources. You can help us make a change by contributing to our cause. Your kind donation can make a difference.

WEAN Members own and manage businesses such as Advertising, Fashion Designing, Food Processing, Agro-based Industries, Handicrafts, Manufacturing, Health clubs, Interior Designing, Metal Furniture- Making, Printing and Publishing, Textile, Weaving, Training Institutes, Travel and Tourism etc. To become a member fill the registration form.

Working together for socio economic transformation

Projects & Programs

Training provided by WEAN for empowerment of women
Sewing training
Candle making training
Shiitake mushroom farming training
Vermicompost preparation training
Soap making training
Dairy production training
Liquid soap
Floriculture training